Australia-ASEAN Power Link

Sun Cable’s vision is to see the Indo-Pacific region electrified by renewable energy, by utilizing high-quality solar energy resources

We created a new export industry to channel green energy in order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

We named this flagship project the Australia-Asia Power Link (AAPowerLink) .The project combines the world’s largest solar power generation and battery storage facility located in the Northern Territory, Australia, equipped with a 5,000 km transmission system to supply reliable renewable electricity at competitive prices in the Darwin and Singapore markets.

(Route map is indicative)

GW Listrik mudah dikirim
Km Kabel Bawah Laut HVDC
Hektar Panel Surya
Hingga 15%
Kebutuhan Listrik Singapura


Currently, the energy transition in the Indo-Pacific region is occurring significantly and the demand for electrical energy is growing rapidly. In Southeast Asia, energy demand is growing at an average of 6% per year and is expected to grow 60% by 2040. Demand for renewable electricity is increasing rapidly due to its low cost.

Australia itself has the highest per capita solar resources among the G20 countries and the second largest in the world. This creates a unique opportunity to export large amounts of renewable energy, support regional energy needs, and sustain economic growth.


  • Completed Series A Capital Increase
  • Independently develop optimization software for the entire AAPowerLink system, including for the Darwin and Singapore power markets
  • Gaining National Project Status from the Australian Commonwealth Government and Northern Territory Government
  • Completed a 750 km underwater survey for Australian waters
  • Appoint PwC as Project Advisory Partner

Guardian Geomatic crew is conducting an underwater survey

Civil Engineering Team, Paul and Obie, at the ground testing site

Dasar Pemikiran

Regional demand for affordable, large-scale, and easy-to-deliver renewable electricity

Electricity is a very important factor for Singapore’s highly industrialized economy. For Singapore, access to low-cost and reliable electricity in the medium to long term is critical to supporting long-term development and enhancing economic competitiveness.Currently, 95% of Singapore’s electricity sources depend on gas generation.

To reduce this dependence, in 2019, Singapore’s Minister of Trade & Industry Chan Chun Sing introduced the “Four Switches” policy  formulated by the Energy Market Authority of Singapore. This policy aims to increase electricity imports from renewable sources.


Affordable, large-scale renewable energy will support economic transformation in Australia’s Northern Territory.

The Government of the Northern Territory, Australia recognizes the potential of renewable energy in supporting local economic development and is taking the necessary steps to shift away from the mix generation currently in use. Currently, the Government of the Northern Territory, Australia is developing a Roadmap to a Renewable Energy policy, carrying out energy market reforms, and implementing all the recommendations of the Northern Territory Commission for Economic Reconstruction Report,—all of which highlight the importance of renewable energy supplies.


A view from the Guardian Geomatic ship starting the AAPowerLink underwater survey in September 2020

Sistem AAPowerLink

AAPowerLink is the integration of several technologies

To build the AAPowerLink project, we will integrate three technologies:

  • The world’s largest solar panel center
  • The world’s largest storage battery
  • High voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system as far as 5,000 km

Renewable electricity will be generated by a 17-20 GWp solar power plant with an electrical energy storage battery of approximately 36-42 GWh located near Elliott, Northern Territory, Australia. The electricity generated from this solar panel/storage facility will be routed 750 km to Darwin via a high-voltage transmission tower and then to Singapore via a 4,200 km underwater high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission network.

Manfaat lingkungan

We are excited to be a part of the green energy revolution that lowers carbon in the electricity sector

As the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere increases, the global average temperature and sea level rise. The burning of coal, natural gas and oil to generate electricity and heat is the single largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions, with carbon dioxide being the largest contributor. Day by day, people continue to be encouraged to switch to renewable energy that does not produce carbon emissions.

Our environmental studies will look for ways to avoid and minimize impacts on environmental and historical values, and greenhouse gas emissions during construction.

Support from EPBC Commonwealth and EPA Northern Territory, Australia for the AAPowerLink project was announced at a public exhibition in November 2020.

Mark Branson, Sun Cable Development Manager & environmental scientist, on site

Manfaat Ekonomi

AAPowerLink will mark the start of a new renewable energy export industry

The development of the AAPowerLink project by Sun Cable will position Australia, Singapore and other Asian countries as regional renewable energy hubs and create significant sustainable economic and energy opportunities for decades.

The project will create thousands of operational and construction jobs, thereby opening up opportunities for local businesses and suppliers. The value of this AAPowerLink project is AUD$30+ billion.

Sun Cable CEO David Griffin talks about AAPowerLink at Squawk Box

Bermitra dengan masyarakat setempat

We consult with local communities on how to maximize the benefits of AAPowerLink and minimize environmental damage

Sun Cable wants to be a good neighbor to the communities in which we operate.

We respect the Traditional Landowners where this project will be implemented: from Elliot to the Timor Sea, and all areas in between.

Throughout this AAPowerLink project, we will minimize environmental damage by taking care of the soil, as has always been done by the previous parties.

Elliott, Northern Territory