Sun Cable tengah mengembangkan infrastruktur energi surya terbesar di dunia, memungkinkan elektrifikasi perkotaan dengan energi terbarukan

We build systems and infrastructure to generate renewable electricity at competitive prices, easy to deliver and high capacity

The energy project from Sun Cable will position Australia, Singapore and other Asian countries as leaders in transcontinental renewable electricity transmission. This infrastructure will facilitate the electrification of new and existing industries, support large-scale economic development, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Our vision is to see the Indo-Pacific region electrified by renewable energy, by utilizing high quality solar energy resources

Our flagship project, the Australia-Asia Power Link (AAPowerLink) , will harness solar energy from the Northern Territory, Australia which is one of the sunniest locations on Earth. The project will supply electricity 24/7 to Darwin and Singapore using a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system.

The AAPowerLink project will be able to supply up to 15% of Singapore’s total renewable electricity needs annually.

Power Link (AAPowerLink)

Sun Cable is developing the AAPowerLink project – the world’s largest solar power generation and battery storage facility – in the Northern Territory, Australia. This facility is equipped with a 5,000 km transmission system to supply reliable renewable electricity at competitive prices to Darwin and Singapore.

The AAPowerLink project has the potential to create thousands of jobs, create opportunities for local businesses and suppliers, and drive innovation and investment in Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.

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GW Listrik mudah dikirim
Km Kabel Bawah Laut HVDC
GWp of Solar Arrays
Hingga 15%
Kebutuhan Listrik Singapura